Monday, February 23, 2009

Everybody Loves Hero

Ok, so ALMOST Everybody loves Hero.

Actually, Alaina has not been too enamored of him the last few days

because when she held his head between her two hands to give him a kiss on his nose he actually DARED to give a little growl. (No she was not wearing the Batman mask at the time)

He did not snap, he just gave a noise to let her know that her advances where not really appreciated,
and those feelings were not reciprocated.
What's that movie? "He's Just Not That Into You"?

Poor Hero- Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

But - these pictures were taken TODAY:

Everyone wants a turn Snuggling with Hero.

The story behind the pictures with Will; We threw Hero off the sofa (his usual spot) to allow Will to take his nap. When I checked in I saw that Hero had snuck back on the couch (without waking Will) , so the position of holding "hands" was all Hero :-)
Of course I ran to get my camera- I think there is a law written somewhere saying such things MUST be photographed.

Hero was his usual charming self yesterday at Dog Scouts.
We have started our video taping our "tests" for certification.
Hero nailed: down, stay, heel, and even sit (even though we are breed exempt :-)

Come was less impressive :-(
(We have to work on his coming STRAIGHT towards me.- no detours)

One of the other owners (of a couple of small mixed breed dogs) even expressed an interest in adopting a greyhound- so I chatted him up- telling him just how amazing they are!!!!


BrittBeah said...

I don't do kids (sorry, I don't mean that to be offensive) but the pic of Hero and your little boy has to be the sweetest thing. Can't you hear my heart melting? *sigh*

Leslie said...

Great pictures, I love Hero and I have never seen him in person ( or is that dog?)
My v.word is "spasmso" can you make a sentence eith that one ?? Lol


Angela said...

What a photogenic day you had - I love all of the snuggle pics!!! I was impressed when I saw Hero sit at the M&G! When our guys sit, it is by accident and literally for about 2 seconds :)

IHateToast said...

cute photos. the paw/hand bit is too sweet.

can you get alaina to think about the times she's "growled" at the ones she loves? sometimes omo is not in the mood, and i (or tamale) will get a growl. i know i shouldn't, but i do take it personally sometimes.

nice batmask.