Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hero takes a stand....

Zan suggested that I could "guest" post....
And I think now would be a good time...
My adopted "mom" ( you know- the blogging food lady) has been in a funk lately, in a "grey" mood- but not grey in a good way (as in greyhound).
I don't know if it is because of the weather (it has been really cold lately , so cold that no one wants to spend anytime outside.- And the weatherman is not helping- constantly teasing my family, predicting- "passing flurries" but no flurries come to pass),
Maybe it is the country's current economic state- (and all the reports coming to light that Obama's nominees have not been playing, or more accurately "paying", by that same rules as the rest of us),
maybe it is the plethora of nasty viruses that are making everyone feel - blue, or green, anything but in the pink.

*** OR maybe it is because someone sent "Addie" to that terrible office place, from which she has been unable to post in over a week. And now Katy is retiring "Needle Noses". Oh, the humanity! My mom needs a large dose of vitamin "S" (for smiles). I must do something- I must take this into my own paws

I feel I must take a stand!!!

Well, I was planning to take a stand- but I kind of dozed off.....
I mean well....


IHateToast said...

i'm in a funk, too. for me, the muggy heat isn't helping. and being homesick. very very homesick.

ah well.

i have given myself until october to figure out a blog theme. i hope to find the mojo again, i miss the dogs already. but sigh. funk. i know it well.

Angela said...

Hi Hero! We wanted to let you know that VAGA is having a greyhound meet and greet at the Petco in Warrenton on Sunday, from 1-3 pm. You should come and bring your mom...we think you would both like to see more greyt hounds and it might be just the thing to put your mom in a good grey mood.

Macy and Buford

P.S. We think this might be the same Petco that you put the "P" into, but no worries - we've done it before too...hee hee : )

greytblackdog said...

We're sad too about Katy retiring the blog. I get into a blog funk too. It's ok to give yourself some space and come back when you're ready. :)

I'm impressed that a pup types so well. You must have perfectly manicured toenails. :)

Stephen said...

I know the real reason. It's the dark cloud that still clutches at you soul. The untimely death of Superfreak has yet to lift it's heavy shade of despair.
Or, it could just be the weather. Who knows?

Zan said...

Dear Hero-
My mom is sad about Katy's retirement too and I just heard her wonder aloud yesterday if Addie is OK.

The cold weather has kept us from our walks for the last few days - I think she feels better when she takes us though. She says she has to go early in the morning or she doen't have time. I think I heard that its going to warm up in the next few days but I think if it doesn't, I'm gonna start a bouncing "can we go now, huh, huh" campaign in the afternoon when it's warmer.

Oh and Hero, I know you really are taking a stand - you can do that from a prone position - believe me, I know.


Leslie said...

Hero, you are right up "There" in my book right next to Hoover and Bruno.

You wanna talk about cold we still have ice from the last week in January, when I spent 4 days in an emergency shelter so I could stay warm and have a warm meals. Today it was 50 degrees when I got up, I feel like it is Spring !!!
I miss my Addie's blog, too. But, I just call her when I can.

alex said...

Angela (Macy and Buford), we will try to make it to the Meet and Greet this Sunday (but I think you will notice the Petco employees flinch when they see us coming ;-)

Leslie, We are glad that you have your heat and power back. You certainly deserve that 50 degree weather!!

Life With Dogs said...

It's the winter blues, plain and simple..