Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What is this?

A) A replica of Stone Henge made out of Dixie cups
B) A rare Feng Shui cure for stopping bad luck/ evil spirits from coming up out of your drain
C) Proof that one of my children is hiding several small (and apparently very thirsty) children (and/or aliens- think E.T.) in their closet. (If you have seen their closets, your choosing this answer is completely understandable)
D) a decorative display of my rare and valuable collection of Dixie cups circa 2008
E) proof that I am not above using the Internet to try to embarrass my children into cleaning up after themselves.
If you said E- you are right. If you said C- you may be right- I will let you know when (and if) the search party ever returns.
Honestly, Will (age 2) had Nothing to do with this.
This was entirely the result of my other 4 children (ages 19, 14, 10, and 8 !) getting ready for school/ work this morning. And YES there is a garbage can 2 inches to the left of the sink.
And you thought greyhounds were hard to train?!


Scott said...

Hahaha! Darn, I was really routing for #1!

Leslie said...

Maybe you should buy stock in the Dixie Cup Factory ! At least you did not have to wash 10 or 12 glasses after that invasion. Thank your lucky ingsres for that. That is my v. word for this comment.

I am back------ !

Addie said...

I can spot an "E" when I see one! You didn't REALLY expect them to use that trash can, did you? Kids!


Stephen said...

I couldn't do any better. That's why i forego the cup and just stick my mouth under the faucet!

Zan said...

Lets see...four kids and nine Dixie cups. That's 2.25 cups per kid. Sounds just about right ;-)!

Trina said...

Ok..I am stuck on the fact you have 5 kids. I missed that before. ;-) Although I just have one husband and my kitchen looks like I have a house of 10 after one day.

Stowe and Maria said...

Five kids=15 greyhounds, at least. I'll start taking donations for the college fund. Per my verification word, I will boostr your college savings!