Saturday, December 27, 2008

Putting the "P" in Petco.

Did you all get your 10% off coupons from Petco in the mail?
Well I did, and being that we needed filters for the aquarium's pump, and fish oil for the dogs, I figured there is no time like the present.
So after a good 20 minute romp in the backyard, off to Petco we go- Alaina (my 14 year old/ easily embarrassed daughter), Will (the 2 year old), Hero and I. (A motley crew to be sure). Now, I have taken Hero to Petco a couple times before, and he did lift his leg on a display (once) so I requested for Alaina to walk him around outside first. He watered one tree, and simply sniffed another, thus she decided that he was "done" and brought him inside. Now I DID ask her if she wanted responsibility for Hero or for Will, but she decided walking around Petco with a cool looking greyhound was better than chasing a hyperactive 2 year old- normally a safe bet---but not this time.

She caught up with me, and whispered "Hero just peed a huge puddle in one of the aisles".- Being that I believe in teaching my children to take responsibility and never to just walk away from a problem- I told her- "there are towels and cleaning spray at the end of some of the aisles- go clean it up!" Dutifully, she grabbed a handful of paper towels and returned to the scene of the crime. Now I have to admit, the next part I am reporting from her point of view because I was busy trying to keep Will from grabbing fish out of the fish tanks with his bare hands.

Alaina claims that she was pushing the paper towels around with her shoe (which happened to be very muddy from our romp outside)- thus just sort of smearing mud and pee all over the aisle. When a family came in the door and said something to the effect of "That's a big dog- and OH MY GOSH that's a lot of PEE!" This called sufficient attention to that aisle that 2 Petco workers came to her and said-"the mop will be here soon." To which my honor student daughter replies-"UHHH"- but continues to push the paper towels with her foot. So, they tried again, saying- "you don't have to do that, you know- the mop will be here soon". She finally decided to walk off, and ducked into the dog toy aisle at which time Hero felt it was time to make another puddle. I told her, "it's obviously time to take Hero out of the store". As she was heading for the door, another Petco worker stopped to admire Hero, and say what "a cool dog" he was. Alaina later commented that she was afraid Hero was going to pee on his leg- in which case she would have to throw paper towels at his legs, and tell him "Don't worry, the mop will be here soon".

No, we were not banned forever from the store, They do not even have our pictures posted on their wall of shame. But I don't think Hero is ready for indoor "Meet and Greets" yet.

And the next time Alaina mentions that she is "bored" I am definitely going to offer her a trip to Petco.


Addie said...

What a perfect title for the post! Don't you just love it when it falls into your lap like that?

Poor Alaina! I wonder if she'll take Will next time. :-)


PS - Hero should have to wear the naughty hat for this caper!

Poolie said...

I got a big laugh out of that. I'm all too familiar with the cleanup stations at our local PetSmart as both Drew and Handy have let it fly. Garth has his first M&G today. Wonder if he'll continue the tradition?

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Sounds like someone need some serious indoor potty training. :-)


Alaina said...

I have a funny tid-bit to add to your story though mom! That guy who told me about the mop, I do believe was fish sex man. So it doesn't surprise me at all that he was kinda sneering at me. (who is fish sex man?) okay so before homecoming my friends and I stopped by pet co (in full getup, hair done and formal dresses) and one of my ditzier friends found the hottest worker there and proceeded to question him on how fish have intercourse. Rest assured we never let her get away with embarrassing us and told him that this conversation should have no effect on their later relationship.

Any way much love to you,

Zan said...

Apparently Hero doesn't like it in Petco and was sending Alaina a none to subtle message to get him the h*@l out of there! Maybe he was trying to protect her from further interactions with the fish sex man.