Sunday, December 14, 2008

Superfreak lives and other Updates

A quick update, mostly because I think that my birthday tribute to Doug has had sufficient playtime ;-)
First of all, Super freak lives. Amazingly, enough our little Cory Catfish has beaten the odds and has so far avoided being an appetizer for our monster cichlid Mr. T. He has grown to little more than an inch long, so I guess there is a possibility that Mr. T. simply doesn't care for the taste of catfish.
In fact, every one of the fish we bought last trip has survived - I know, I've probably jinxed it now, but lets just hope it's one of those Christmas miracles.
Speaking of Christmas miracles- Look the Christmas elves finally finished with our Christmas decorations. Just in time for a wonderful visit with Doug's cousins from N.J. this weekend.
So far Hero has not mistaken the Christmas tree for his very own indoor "potty". I hope our luck holds out.


Stephen said...

Hooray Superfreak!! I knew you could do it! Swim strong, Freak Hard!

Alaina said...

That's not entirely fair mom. You forgot to mention the Christmas Elf's little helper(s). :/

Zan said...

Yeah Superfreak!! Here's hoping Mr. T. isn't just biding his time figuring that if he's good, you'll get him better snacks for Christmas.

Your house looks great!!!

alex said...

Thanks again Stephen for the suggestion of "Superfreak"'s perfect name. ;-)
Alaina, if you re-read my post it says Christmas "elves"- plural. Geesh- teenagers!
Zan- you are completely right, I had failed to consider the possibility that Mr. T. is simply fattening Supefreak up to a more respectable size for Christmas dinner. I will be sure to put in lots of gourmet flakes around Christmas time.

Alaina said...

Sorry mi madre. Yo es el stupido e basante, muchido.