Tuesday, December 2, 2008

art imitates life

One of the many perks of being a mom is that whenever the kids get bored, I can pull out the arts and crafts supplies and then join right in (and believe me, I do). I am not above coloring in coloring books (crayons, not markers, please! After all, serious artists have to be able to blend and shade -LOL), but one of my favorite mediums has to be "Sculpey" polymer clay.This is my first attempt at a greyhound (I don't have the proportions quite right yet). I hope you have not been blinded by the rug/slipcover combination in this picture.- This is our "dog" cover the one covered in dog hair- that gets pulled off at the last minute whenever company comes. :-)


Addie said...

What a cutie miniature hound! They really do look alike, don't they?


Zan said...

You're very talented. Love the mini hound!