Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome to my world.

Ok, so this is a sort of bizarre post, I know. It's a peek into how my mind works (scary, huh?) . But being that most of my followers either own greyhounds or know someone who does, I'm guessing y'all won't be too shocked.
I mentioned in my previous post that Doug's cousins visited this weekend. It was a very nice visit, but I believe it is safe to say that they are not exactly "dog" people.
Thus Hero's greetings, regardless of how friendly his intentions, were not always that well received.
Add these memories fresh in my mind, with seeing this famous poster of dear "Norma Jeane" , stir well and voila-
you get this - bloggertini. Made with Grey Goosed :-)


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

LOL... took me a minute to see the greyhound :-).


Scott said...

Hehe.... you can always tell when people aren't quite 100% into dogs. They have those awkward hesitant moments and the dogs just love to take advantage of it.

Funny picture :)

Zan said...

Alex - I love the picture - LOL!!

Stowe and Maria said...

Relatives come and go...Hero stays. That greyhound rocks and if they don't like him, he can come stay with us! He can be our hero anytime.

Patti said...

Cute - I love your adaptation of that famous photo! Actually, it's really pretty cool. I'd frame it!