Sunday, July 12, 2009

VAGA Warrenton Meet and Greet

Lets hear it for Genevieve, my 11 year old daughter, who played photographer for the meet and greet this weekend.

I think she got some really good shots- especially considering that she only had my little Cannon "point and shoot" to work with.

We started outside, and the weather really was pretty nice (especially considering that this IS July)


You can see what Harper thinks about July in the DC area.

So we moved inside the PetCo, just to make sure the hounds did not get over heated.

Didn't everyone look greyt?

Harper was especially glad to move indoors , so that she could admire the parakeets for sale.

Wading through a sea of greyhounds.

Hero relaxing after a job well done.


ykngld said...

Greyt Photos - looks like everyone was having fun and receiving scritches...

Angela said...

Tell Genevieve I said congrats on getting some great pictures! I already copied the ones of our guys :) Nice pic of Hero relaxing too!

gyeong said...

Nice composition. Looks like we might have a budding photographer. Looks like the kids enjoyed the unusually mild July weather.