Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ninja Zoey

When we first adopted Hero, he was about as graceful on the linoleum and hardwood floors as an elephant on ice skates. We lost several dishes and knick-knacks from his crashing into tables and the baker's rack in the kitchen. It seems Zoey's new owner's will not have to worry about that as she navigates through the house very easily (and very quietly).
But there in lies a story....

"New" dogs at our house are usually kept in the family room. This is where their crates and beds are, where their toys are, and where the door to the backyard is. It is completely visible from the kitchen (where I spend a LOT of my day ;-) due to a half wall, but is blocked off by a baby gate. (Which also keeps them away from the front door).
They are allowed to explore/investigate the rest of the house- but only with a chaperon in tow.

Unfortunately, Alaina who is my second pair of eyes, ears, and hands, is at art camp this week.
And my other children are a little less diligent at closing the baby gate.
While I was outside watering the garden and cleaning up after the dogs, somebody inadvertently left the baby gate unlocked. No- don't worry she didn't get out of the house. But since she greeted me as I came back in....a quick investigation of the house to see what she had gotten into, was in order

This is what I found in the living room.
The Ziplock bag is the Amish friendship bread starter, a friend gave me 4 days ago. Thank goodness in only had 2 little puncture holes in it, so I am pretty confident that she didn't ingest much (if any) of it (the outside of the bag was pretty much clean and dry).The other item is the baby proofing latch for my kitchen cabinet. This was VERY slobbery/ chewed on- lol.
Obviously after being touched by several childrens' sticky fingers, it smelled more interesting than the bread starter.

I am sorry that I missed such a good opportunity to work on counter surfing with her. I suspect I will get another opportunity :-)


BrittBeah said...

Gotta love those sneaky ninjas!

Angela said...

Hey, it could have been a lot worse ;)

Life With Dogs said...

I think that next opportunity will certainly present itself - she has had a taste! :)

gyeong said...

I love the surprised 'but it was okay last time' look on their faces when they get caught, and I use the 'evil' NO voice.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

She looks too sweet to have done those things.