Sunday, December 27, 2009

How are y'all doin?

This has been quite an exciting week.
While we did not have lots of company for Christmas, when you have 5 kids (+ my oldest son's girlfriend) the house is already full.
One of the favorite gifts this year is the Wii :

One small drawback is after 3 days of playing- none of us can raise our arms (Wii-itis)

Last night the guys of the family went to the Capitals hockey game :

(yay- they won!)
This morning the girls and I got an early start and headed down to Fredericksburg to pick up a house guest. It was really cold and foggy.

Lucky for us Optimus Prime decided to show us the way :)

The hauler arriving in the parking lot.

This is Boc's Jet Leg (aka Jean)

And this Handsome fellow is Broadway Bark.

Broadway Bark will be visiting with us for a while.

Alaina whispers sweet nothings in Broadway's Ear.

There are lots of hands more than ready to do some petting at our house

But right now, I think we could all use a nap.
More updates soon....


Stowe and Maria said...

So how many fosters are you up to now? You are doing great work. We thank you for that. You are the best. To answer your question about Carrie, she was sent up to Greyhound Friends of NJ. It didn't look like we were going to be able to place her and they apparently have experience in sucessfully placing spooks. We were prepared to foster her for as long as it took, but if another group can place her, then that is best for Carrie, so off she went. We wish her only the best.

Debbie said...

Oh what great pictures. You guys are such a greyt foster family. Broadway Bark looks like such a happy boy. Can't wait to hear more on him once you all teach him the ropes.
Happy New Years!

Angela said...

Broadway is a very handsome fellow! Look forward to hearing how he adjusts :) You guys have had a very busy weekend, I'm sure Broadway won't mind a few extra naps either! I have felt bad for about a week now and am so thankful that we have pups that are content and like to sleep a lot!

Amber said...

We love our Wii...the pic of the guys playing is too funny. :-)

gyeong said...

The Wii sure can be addictive. Using muscles you didn't even know you had. Heard that Broadway Bark is a big goofy boy. Love the big goofy boys!