Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blizzard of 2009

Yup- I went there... I called it a blizzard.

This is what greets us at the back door.

16 + inches and it is still falling

Hero says "what the Heck is this nonsense?"

Can you find Pepsi in this picture?
And the required Alaina Facebook shots :)


Ann said...

I know it! Wow, watching the Weather Channel this morning - yikes! As happy as I am to be spending Christmas with my family, I am kinda bummed that we are missing the "Blizzard of '09", lol! Have fun!! It shoulda waited a couple weeks!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...


houndstooth said...

I'm cold just looking at the pictures!

Zan said...

Brrr!! Hope the kids are having fun!

Amber said...

great snow shots and lol at the required fb shot. :-) Love your daughter's name.

Brooke said...

Yeah we got hit by the same "blizzard" and the kids played in the snow only one day so far... Our greyhound on the other hand is LOVING it..
Wasn't Hero cold? Fawn Dog requires her coat once the temps drop... Otherwise her fur brisels up and we get some evil looks LOL. posting pictures of her playing in the snow tomorrow..

gyeong said...

It was awesome for a day or so. Ready for it to melt away now.