Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Works in Progress (part 1)

We continue to make progress with our current foster hound- Jill E. Ann (Jillie).
She arrived with a few extra friends/stowaways (fleas) who were quickly dispatched.
Next we dealt with a limp, from an apparent pulled muscle of her front right leg (which meant several days of rest- very short leash walks, Rimadyl, and putting off learning the stairs).
Jillie is still a young dog (she will be 3 in August), and unfortunately, as with children, inactivity/boredom can lead to destructive behavior....

We have not seen her limp in a few days, so her walks are getting progressively longer, and we are starting stair training, hopefully that and the bitter apple spray will help focus her on more productive uses of her time and energy.
Speaking of less than productive uses of one's time...

Pepsi spent a LONG time whining at the window, can you see why? (look near the flower pot)

So do you think the cat knew that he was driving her crazy?

And Jillie takes the prize, with her 15 minutes of staring at the television (after it had been turned off)

Communicating with poltergeist?

Trying to turn it back on by the sheer force of her will?

Or just admiring the gorgeous hound reflected in the television screen?
One way or the other, you have to admit that is one impressive "sit".


houndstooth said...

She's just so darned cute! I wish I could bring her here! We had one who was fascinated with a dog show on TV.

gyeong said...

She's very cute. Maybe if you leave the boob tube on, that will distract her from more destructive endeavors :)

Anonymous said...
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IHateToast said...

Maybe it was Man vs Wild.