Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Love Swirlies !

No, really I do ! I love swirly...faces :-) ~Daisy~
We said happy trails to Miss Daisy on April 30th, she has found a wonderful forever home; complete with 3 little boys to love, a greyhound mix brother named Micky, and wall to wall carpeting!
So, we now have a new house guest- Jill E. Ann. At the kennel in Orlando they called her Annie, but my kids insist on calling her Jilly-Bean.
She has only been with us for 24 hours, but we already know the following about her:
She has not had an accident in the house
she walks very politely on a leash
she is cat, small dog, and little kid safe
she closes her eyes in ecstasy when you pet her just right :-)


houndstooth said...

I predict that Jill E won't be at your house for long! What a cutie!

Two Greyhound Town said...

She is beautiful!

Debbie said...

Have you noticed that you have fostered alot of brindles? They all have been so cute!!! Jill looks like a real sweetheart!

Michelle said...

We love your blog! We have an award for you. Please stop by our blog to accept it. :)