Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Amusing, Amazing, April !

This is going to be a long, photo intensive, post. Those of you not actually related to me may find it hard to make it to the very end. Don't worry I will not hold it against you (and there will not be a quiz later :)
April has been a wild, wonderful, action packed month for us. (and of course -it's not over yet)
It started with Easter complete with Easter egg hunts:

And Chocolate Bunnies :

Unfortunately Alaina found out the hard way what happens when chocolate bunnies are left in the sun.

Next came Genna's 12th birthday (literally- her birthday was the day after Easter this year). Of course her actual party waited until the following weekend.

The theme was "at the movies". The girls made their own "American Idol " video.

And "cardboard Chris Pine" made a surprise appearance.

Don't you just love siblings?
I promise Mark is not flipping anyone off, though it certainly looks that way.
The VERY next day was the VAGA meet and greet/ book signing with Kevin Brett, author of Jack: The Christmas Collie. (with a guest appearance by Captain Jack Sparrow- the Christmas Collie)

Daisy and Harper (don't you love Harper's expression ?- She was obviously very impressed to be meeting a celebrity ;-)
Mother and daughter (Harper and Sara)
VAGA president Debbie Ackley with Maggie.

Genna with Jack Sparrow and Daisy

The following Tuesday (yes- Tuesday) was Alaina's confirmation. (with brother Eric as her sponsor).

Small, rural, churches do not get a Saturday visit from the Bishop of the dioceses. So instead we had Tuesday evening with the Bishop from Juneau, Alaska.
BUT PLEASE do not think I am complaining !!!
You see, we actually left our very large church about a year ago, to start attending a small Catholic Mission, which holds mass in the local junior high school's cafeteria. There are many reasons why, but I think the following anecdotes say it all.
The children from our mission joined the children from our "parent" parish -St. Stephen Martyr in Middleburg, Va. at their tiny church for confirmation. I knew I liked this community, when I saw the elderly aunt of one of the younger priests bring her little toy poodle INTO the church for the ceremony. And yes, we were blessed to have her choose to sit down right next to Will and I :) (Dog people unite!)
She explained that the dog was old, and had seizures, and that she refused to leave it home alone. After all she said, it would just sit on her lap and wouldn't bother anyone. Will and I heartily agreed! I told her if Hero would fit on my lap I would be very happy to do the same.
It is generally frowned upon to take pictures in the church- but I am now really kicking myself for not sneaking a picture.

The sermon from the bishop of Juneau went something like this ( I promise this is worth reading to the end :) :

A little girl asked her father, “Daddy, where did human beings come from?”
Her father said, “Well, a long time ago, God created Adam in his image. Then he made Eve from Adam's rib. Adam and Eve had children, and then their children had children, and so on, and so on, and that is how you and I came into being.”

A few days later, the same little girl was helping her mother with chores, and as children often do (play questions and answers off of each parent) asked her mother the same question.

Her mom said, “Well, a long time ago, there were these monkeys, who evolved into other types of primates, who in turn kept evolving, and so on, and so on, until eventually becoming humans as we know them today. And that is how you and I came into being.”

The little girl was truly shocked and amazed by this answer and went running to find her father, very upset.

“Daddy! Remember when I asked you the other day where we came from, and you said people were made by God?”

“Yes”, said her father.
"Well, I just asked Mommy the same question, and she said we came from monkeys! One of you is lying!"
"Oh", her father said calmly. "That is actually very easy to explain- I was talking about MY side of the family and she was speaking about Her side."

Compare this to churches where we have literally had 1/2 hour sermons on how most of the congregation is not dressed appropriately for church, and you can see why I LOVE these people!

This past week the brand new "Piedmont Dogs" off- leash park (at Vint Hill) opened it's gates.
A HUGE thanks to everyone who helped make this park a reality.

Miss Daisy LOVED the little dogs :) But honestly it was more "herding" than chasing down prey.

Hero and Franny (the long and the short of it :)
No, those are not deer running across the field, they are some of our good friends from VAGA (Harper and her daughter Sara).


Next weekend .... GIG (Greyhounds in Gettysburg).


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